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Restaurants can get distracted from delighting their customers when the sewer district tells them they are required to install a grease interceptor. Many are unsure of what this means. Since 1983, we’ve helped restaurants understand what a grease interceptor is, why they need one, and find the best fit so they can get back to serving their customers.

Why are grease interceptors so important? Grease from restaurants gets into the sewer system when plates and pans are washed. Acting like cholesterol in an artery, this grease builds up in pipes over time. Often, this will lead to complete blockages in the sewer lines. Having nowhere to go, raw sewage backs up in the pipes until it spills out into the streets. This is gross. And a major health hazard that shuts down businesses and costs cities and taxpayers money every year.

At Thermaco, you can protect communities from this disgusting experience. We don’t just make meaningless widgets, we protect the environment and those who live in it. For 35 years we have worked with restaurants to capture their grease before it becomes a problem. “Grease interceptors” may sound like sci-fi spaceships but they’re simple devices that guard sewers from harmful grease invasion.


As a member of our team, you will get to work with other passionate individuals who love making a difference. Working hard on work that matters is a hallmark of Thermaco’s employee culture. We take pride in our products and constantly strive to make them better for our customers. Speaking of customers, helping them beat grease in their restaurants is what has motivated us through our first 35,000 units sold and continues to drive us every day.


So... are you ready to change the world?

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